Top 10 Most Expensive Foods


#1 Almas Caviar

This type of caviar is the most expensive one. Itís rare and comes from Iraq. This caviar is only sold in London and costs over $20,000. At least it comes in a 24-karat gold tin.

#2 Dansuke Watermelon

Not many people would expect to see a watermelon on this list. However, this isnít just any watermelon Ė itís the best tasting watermelon in the world. The Dansuke watermelon is grown on an island of Japan called Hokkaido. Itís crispier, firmer, and sweeter than any other watermelon. There are less than 100 of them grown every year which is why they have been known to sell for over $6,000 each.

#3 Yubari Melon

This is the most expensive type of cantaloupe known to exist. This also comes from Japan and is labeled as the juiciest and sweetest melon in the world. They better be, since they cost a whopping $20,000 each.

#4 ďGrand OpulenceĒ Sunday

This desert on the menu at Serendipity in New York and costs $1,000. Itís also topped with the worldís most expensive chocolate (Amedei Porcelana) and comes with many other commodities Ė one of which is a 23 karat edible gold bowl.

#5 Matsutake Mushrooms

This is another of the foods on this list that comes from Japan. They grow only on specific trees during certain seasons. Therefore, itís rare. That rarity means that it will sell for $1,000 a pound.


#6 Truffles

Truffles are known as being expensive. Order anything having to do with truffles and that will prove it. This food can sell for over $100,000 in some areas.

#7 Kobe Beef

This beef comes from cows that are rumored to be massaged on a daily basis in order to ensure they are tender. However they do it, Kobe beef is definitely the most tender on the market. It better be because itís the most expensive. A rib eye steak sells for a little less than $3,000 in New York.

#8 La Bonnotte Potato

This French potato is supposed to be the most delicious in the world because itís fertilized with seaweed. This potato sells for around $1,000 a pound.

#9 Ninoís Belissima Pizza

This pizza is a New York City special and topped with caviar, salmon roe, lobster tail, and wasabi. It sells for a whopping $1,000.

#10 Kopi Luwak Coffee

Only around 500 lbs. of this coffee is grown per year. Hereís the catch. These coffee beans are ingested by a Asian Palm Civet and then collected once they run through its digestive track. The result is the least bitter and most expensive coffee in the world. It can sell for over $500 a pound.


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